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Black House

Black House is a relatively new cafe in Jakarta. Not just an ordinary cafe, it is definitely a unique cafe with its distinct concept and thoroughly designed directly by its owner, down to the very small detail. You just have to come and see the place for your self.

Coffee, Boutique, Books, Flower, Candy, Music, Heaven << these are the seven areas with each has its own distinct design and atmosphere to suite your preference. In addition, each area also has its own speciality drink menu (soon will also has food, desert, etc) which can only ordered when you are seated at that specific area!

Heaven area is located at the roof top, and during night, you can enjoy a view of city lights coming from the office building from a distance.

To enhance the various atmosphere provided at each area inside Black House, they prepare a music playlist complete with its video clip which are showing at many LCD television throughout the cafe.

And also, provided that they have so many LCD televisions, Black House also broadcast soccer match, local & international! So soccer lover, check out your favorite game schedule and get a reservation at Black House!

We got a chance to capture 360° photos of each area of Black House and create an interactive Virtual Tour so you can explore each area, right from your desktop and/or mobile devices.

Click on the Black House logo below to see what Black House cafe looks like from the inside.


Jl. Cililin Raya No. 3
Tirtayasa, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12170
Phone: +62817109292 / +628889112318
Twitter: @BlackHouseJKT
Facebook: BlackHouse Jakarta

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