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Wego Party @ The 3 House

Last night we went to The 3 House Bistro & Lounge to attend Wego Party, a party to celebrate the new website of Wego Indonesia using completely Bahasa Indonesia. A lot of travelers, travel bloggers, and many others show up at the party.

Wego Indonesia Community Manager, Achmad Alkatiri, came to us a couple of days before the event, asking whether is it possible to create a VR360° of the event. What kind of question was that? It was very unlikely that we would say impossible! Other than the VR360°, we also took some pictures of the event.

What is Wego anyway? Wego is a travel search website. We can search (and buy) airline tickets and also book your favorite hotel. There is also a “Datewise” section which will show us when is the best time to go with the cheapest (or most expensive) airlines fare! Go to Wego Indonesia to find out your self.

Here are some photos from #WegoParty and if you want to see the VR360°, just click at the Wego logo.

Once again, congratulations Wego Indonesia for the new website!

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