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The Museum Project

Latest update (July 14th, 2012):
Check out the new Museum Bank Indonesia VR360° Virtual Tour! Click on the Museum Bank Indonesia logo below to explore the museum from your computer or iOS/Android device!

The Museum Project - Official LogoThis year, we will be shooting museums in Indonesia.

The long run goal of this project is to have an online website with simple information and attractive 360° virtual tour of museums in Indonesia. This way, everybody will have a “virtual access” to every single museum in Indonesia! Thus, in the end, everybody will realize that Indonesia has a lot of beautiful museums to be proud of! Not to mention the historical & cultural information we might get from the museums when we actually visit the museum.

Click on each respective logos at the end of this post and you’ll be redirected to its 360° virtual tour.

As soon as we finished creating a tour for other museum(s), we will add it here and also announce it via our Twiiter & Facebook Page. Once we already shoot several museums, we will try to create a website to put all things together .

Which other museums do you want to ‘visit’ with just a click from your desktop / tablet / mobile devices? Please drop a comment at this post, and we will try to make it happen! Even better if you provide us the contact number and/or person in charge for that museum.

And, if by any chance, there are somebody who is working / in charge at a particular museum and want to have its museum “virtualized” for free, please do contact us and we’ll get back to as soon as possible.


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