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Lombok Island in 360°

Last month, idVR360 got a great opportunity to travel to Lombok Island for 12 days. Collaborating with, we are assigned to capture some VR360° at many possible tourism spots.

Once we’re back in Jakarta, we started processing the frames and end up with 89 VR360°. We will share some of them here, but  the rest of the VR360°s are available at our other online portfolio page at 360cities.

Click on the image to view the interactive VR360° in a new window/tab.

This one is a panorama of a traditional Sasak tribe village in Senaru area. Sasak is the original inhabitant of Lombok Island.

At another village, I was allowed to shoot inside their house. I convert the final result to black & white version.

One amongst many other highlights at Lombok is Mount Rinjani with 3726 meter above sea level at its summit. Rinjani is an active volcano, and at the altitude of approximately 2000 meter above sea level, there is a vast Segara Anak Lake as its caldera. We took a panorama from Senaru Rim at 2650 meter above sea level, but unfortunately a thick cloud is blocking the view of the summit which located just below the sun.

Lombok also known for its small islands with crystal clear sea water and white sandy beach, located around the main island.  These two below are panorama from Gili Sudak and Gili Nanggu.

The more popular gilis are Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. Not like the above gilis, these gilis has more lodging & cafes with various entertainment. These are panoramas from those three gilis.

Using Google Earth application? You may want to try activating 360Cities photo layer and start looking for the red dots on Lombok Island….well some of the red dots belong to somebody else, but I can assure you that more than 70 red dots are ours.

Hope you will enjoy our Lombok 360° panoramas!

Technical details
All panoramas were shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II with EF 8-15mm f/4 L USM Fisheye lens, and of course using a tripod with Nodal Ninja 5 panoramic head or a Nodal Ninja Fanotec Pole Series 1 combined with Ultimate R1 panoramic head

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