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Java Rockin’land 2011 in 360°

Java Rockin’land is one amongst several music festival in Indonesia, organized by PT. Java Festival Production (founded by Peter Gontha). Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival and Jakarta International Java Soulnation are the other two renowned festivals held by the company.

For rock music enthusiast, JRL Festival is one event that you surely don’t want to skip! Held in the course of 3 days, the event was reportedly packed with so many people. Day 1 was accounted by over 10.000 visitors! Don’t have an actual number over Day 2 & 3, but Dewi Gontha, as the Producer of the event, targeted 60.000 visitors for the whole event.

Local & Internatinal rock band were listed, such as PAS band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Edane, God Bless, Ed Kowalczyk of LIVE, The Cranberries, Edane, Good Charlotte, Helloween, and a lot more of it!

We attend the event only at Day 2, and made some 360° panoramic shots of the concert. Power Slaves, Konspirasi, Kunci, God Bless, G-Pluck Beatles are some of the bands that we’ve had capture quite successfully. Unfortunately its not our luck to get a good capture during Ed Kowalczyk and The Cranberris performance.

One thing that we love about this event: visitors are allowed to bring DSLR’s! Even our 3m telescopic pole for creating 360° panorama was cleared!

Well, enjoy the VR 360° of one of the biggest rock music festival in Southeast Asia!

Technical information about 360° photos:
We use Nodal Ninja Fanotec Pole Series 1 to elevate the camera up to 9 feet (approx. 3 meters) high, combined with Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 panoramic head to hold a circular fisheye lens attached to a full frame camera system.
The real challenge was when the night falls, it was pitch dark! Very high ISO settings was used, so even after noise reduction during post-processing, image noise still visible at some of the 360° photos, particularly ones that taken during night performances. We’ll do better next time!

3 Responses to “Java Rockin’land 2011 in 360°”

  1. teguh

    keren bro …. btw ini pakai software apa ya utk 360 drjt ?
    sip nice work

  2. Imelda Loviyanti

    keren banget mas Riefa kreasi nya 😉

  3. Admin

    @bro Teguh:
    Thx bro! Ini menggunakan beberapa software sampe bisa jadi 360°, mulai dari stitching dengan PTGui, kemudian konversi ke 360° dengan krpano 🙂

    @mba Imelda:
    Terima kasih banyak mba..:)

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