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Abang None Jakarta Barat 2011 [Group VR Photo]

This morning, we have the opportunity to take a group picture of Abang None Jakarta Barat 2011 at Kota Tua. The session was fun and challenging at the same time. Thanks to friends id-photographer community who has arrange the session and made this shot possible.

To learn more about what is Abang None Jakarta, pelase visit

The building in front of the group is Museum Fatahillah, also known as Museum Sejarah Jakarta or Museum Batavia, which was built on 1707 -1710 and used as a Town Hall (Stadhuis in Dutch). This building is almost similar with Istana op de Dam in Amsterdam, but in a significantly smaller scale.

Museum Fatahillah was officially inaugurated on March 30, 1994 by Governor of Jakarta, Mr. Ali Sadikin.

2 Responses to “Abang None Jakarta Barat 2011 [Group VR Photo]”

  1. ferry

    keren om……….. cara nya bikin 360 derajat gimana ya ???

  2. Admin

    Terima kasih oom ferry 🙂 360 derajat didapat dari hasil stitching beberapa frame dan kemudian di konversi dgn software u/ dijadikan flash 🙂

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