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Night View of Jakarta – High Resolution Panorama

This is a 300+ Megapixel panorama of Jakarta Night View. Assembled from 48 sets of bracketed frames (that is a total of 144 individual shots), taken with Canon 5D Mark II using 50mm lens.

Explore the city using buttons provided or you can use easily use your mouse to zoom in/out and pan left/right.

Go fullscreen for better viewing experience by right clicking your mouse then choose Fullscreen, or simply click the Fullscreen button.

*Adobe Flash plugin is required to, please switch to your desktop / notebook for better viewing experience.

2 Responses to “Night View of Jakarta – High Resolution Panorama”

  1. martin

    hi there,

    may i know where do you take this picture?? would love to go there and experience iut by my self.

    thank you

  2. Riefa Istamar

    Hi Martin,

    This photo was taken from the roof top of Permata Kuningan building in Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Jakarta during one of my client project. Need a special permit from the building management. 🙂

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