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Magnum Cafe Indonesia

In March 2011, we were commissioned by ThinkWeb to provide Magnum Cafe with some interior shots and of course interactive 360° panorama of its cafe. Magnum Cafe is a pop-up cafe owned by Unilever Indonesia and managed by Ismaya Group. Why ‘pop-up cafe’? Because it will only operates for a certain period of time. You might want to take a peek into what does the cafe looks like thru our works before actually visit the cafe..;)

Magnum Cafe has a kind of “three sections” if seen directly from front of the cafe, therefore, three main shots were taken from the front of the cafe as seen below:

And for the interactive 360° panorama, we position the camera just between the left & center sections (which are the main areas of the cafe) to get sufficient overal view of the cafe:

Our above artworks are featured at Magnum Cafe Official Website, which provide more detailed information about the cafe itself.


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