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Bumi Alit

Bumi Alit is an education-oriented recreational place for children, which can also referred as Children Common Room.

Bumi Alit, with its tagline “A Place to Read, Play, and Learn”, was established to facilitate children with useful activities after/before their school hours. The children can read variety of books, play a game with their friends, and also conduct other activities, all are monitored and facilitated by Bumi Alit.

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Hopefully, these kind of activities will help the children to become a creative, confidence, independent, disciplined individual, and at the same time, able to socialized & cooperate with others.

Should you need further information regarding Bumi Alit, please visit its Facebook profile.

3 Responses to “Bumi Alit”

  1. joyce

    Wow….keren… hal ini yg dibutuhkan anak2 indonesia.. bermain dan belajar.. dan budaya membaca yg baik…
    Sukses untuk Bumi Alit.. semoga daerah2 lain juga mempunyai bumi alit…

  2. Mohamad Nazran

    salam dari malaysia.. syabas dan tahniah untuk saudara riefa istamar….

    semoga berjaya..

  3. celoteh

    wow, namanya unik..
    ‘ini sejenis perpustakaan gitu yah? atau taman bermain?

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