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VR inside a Vehicle!

I’m trying a new spot for a VR shot: inside a vehicle. This is my first attempt, so please bear with me while I’m improving..;)

There are a lot of errors in the VR: parallax, focus, exposure, rough clone stamp, and so on…but all these give me a heads up for future VR within a vehicle.

Using an automatic motorized panoramic head would be great advantage, but of a cost…big time!

This is part of my learning process to improve my VR shooting skills and also finding a new way of seeing interior of a car.

4 Responses to “VR inside a Vehicle!”

  1. Aldy

    Wah..mantap nih, bs memperluas pasar dong ke ATPM-ATPM mobil 🙂 kan bs buat materi mereka di websitenya.

  2. Admin

    betul… 🙂 masih perlu perbaikan disana sini tentunya…. 😉

  3. riady

    not bad for first trial bro…

  4. Admin

    hehe..thx bro..;)

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