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360° VR Panorama at 9′ high

A panorama taken at this height brings a lot of new challenges within the process, especially during capturing each frame. We need to familiarize with the pole which was constantly swinging.

This is our first panoramas taken with Nodal Ninja Fanotec Pole Series 1 combined with Ultimate R1 panoramic head. (more…)

Abang None Jakarta Barat 2011 [Group VR Photo]

This morning, we have the opportunity to take a group picture of Abang None Jakarta Barat 2011 at Kota Tua. The session was fun and challenging at the same time. Thanks to friends id-photographer community who has arrange the session and made this shot possible. (more…)

Hongkong Cafe Virtual Tour

Inspired by Hong Kong lifestyle, with its East & West culture combinations, consistent business dynamics rolling 24 hours everyday, and fast evolving food & beverage industry, Hong Kong Cafe (HKC) established it self in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 9th, 2007, followed by the second outlet at Central Park Mall on 2010

Carrying the concept from its original country, HKC offers simple food (comfort food, everyday food), with variety of taste (ranging from western to oriental typical Hong Kong), many types of food (rice, noodle, hawker food, dim-sum, small bites, desserts, etc.), as well as a suitable dining area at any time with a casual environment. (more…)

Sinou Coffee & Resto Virtual Tour

Sinou Coffee & Resto is a coffee house with warm industrial atmosphere, lovely playlist, nice waiters, and of course delicious meals and beverages. Their food styles varies from breakfast menu, brunch menu, also have some delicious Italian food, sandwiches, and also steaks.


Night View of Jakarta – High Resolution Panorama

This is a 300+ Megapixel panorama of Jakarta Night View. Assembled from 48 sets of bracketed frames (that is a total of 144 individual shots), taken with Canon 5D Mark II using 50mm lens. (more…)

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