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The Island of Rocks: Belitung

Belitung Island, one amongst many amazing travel destination in Indonesia! Belitung is a pretty small island, yet it provide its visitor with breath-taking view of its white sand beaches, gigantic rocks scattered all over the island (especially at the beach), crystal clear sea water, and amazing small beautiful islands surrounding the main island. (more…)

Bumi Alit

Bumi Alit is an education-oriented recreational place for children, which can also referred as Children Common Room. (more…)

VR inside a Vehicle!

I’m trying a new spot for a VR shot: inside a vehicle. This is my first attempt, so please bear with me while I’m improving..;)

There are a lot of errors in the VR: parallax, focus, exposure, rough clone stamp, and so on…but all these give me a heads up for future VR within a vehicle.

Using an automatic motorized panoramic head would be great advantage, but of a cost…big time!

This is part of my learning process to improve my VR shooting skills and also finding a new way of seeing interior of a car.

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