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Night View of Jakarta – High Resolution Panorama

This is a 300+ Megapixel panorama of Jakarta Night View. Assembled from 48 sets of bracketed frames (that is a total of 144 individual shots), taken with Canon 5D Mark II using 50mm lens. (more…)

Magnum Cafe Indonesia

In March 2011, we were commissioned by ThinkWeb to provide Magnum Cafe with some interior shots and of course interactive 360° panorama of its cafe. Magnum Cafe is a pop-up cafe owned by Unilever Indonesia and managed by Ismaya Group. Why ‘pop-up cafe’? Because it will only operates for a certain period of time. You might want to take a peek into what does the cafe looks like thru our works before actually visit the cafe..;) (more…)

Nenen Baby Shop

Nenen Baby Shop, established at 2006, has become many people choice when it comes to their baby/toddler needs. Its comfortable outlets has made shopping for baby needs more fun and enjoyable, both for the parents and also their children. (more…)

Intercontinental Jakarta Midplaza Hotel Virtual Tour

Kineto, a unique design house at Jakarta, commissioned us to shoot some interactive 360° panoramas for Intercontinental Jakarta Midplaza Hotel.

A total of 6 different venue within the hotel are chosen by the hotel management to be captured and transformed into interactive panoramas. (more…)

President University Virtual Tour

When we received preliminary notification from PT. Mitra Bagus Kharisma (MBK) about this project, we are very excited to start working on this project, which is our first VR project for educational institution. The project covers a total of 7 VR locations, consisting of main campus area, dormitory area, and sport facilities. (more…)

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