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Desa Sebali & Bukit Tjampuhan

Got a chance to visit Ubud, Bali back in May 2013.

There is a place called Bukit Tjampuhan where we can walk between a beautiful rice fields in Sebali Village, and continue to walk on top of the hill with amazing scenery of green as far as you can see!

Click on this mirror ball to see the interactive 360° photos. Enjoy!

Desa Sebali - Bukit Tjampuhan

Indonesia Port Corporation 360° Virtual Tour

Indonesia Port Corporation

Our project for Indonesia Port Corporation (also known as PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II) already completed by the end of 2012, and just today IPC official website has been updated with 360° photos of their 5 largest ports in Indonesia: Tanjung Priok, Lampung, Palembang, Padang, and Pontianak.

Here are the links to 360° Virtual Tour of each respective ports:

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Black House

Black House is a relatively new cafe in Jakarta. Not just an ordinary cafe, it is definitely a unique cafe with its distinct concept and thoroughly designed directly by its owner, down to the very small detail. You just have to come and see the place for your self.

Coffee, Boutique, Books, Flower, Candy, Music, Heaven << these are the seven areas with each has its own distinct design and atmosphere to suite your preference. In addition, each area also has its own speciality drink menu (soon will also has food, desert, etc) which can only ordered when you are seated at that specific area!


Planet Mars 360°

Ever wanted to see whats planet Mars looks like?

Well, here it is. Click on the image to view the interactive 360° panorama. The black hole you will see when you tilt up / down occurs because the camera simply did not capture any images at that area…..and no…it is NOT a black hole.

I can’t find any reference point in the image which indicates true vertical, so the interactive 360° panorama you’ll see below is as best as i can get from the given image source.

The image above (and the one used for the interactive 360° panorama) is taken from NASA/JPL-Caltech Website which is available for download for free for non-commercial purposes. You may read their detailed image policy here.


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